• Luca Nicoletti on Unsplash: White paint
    Are we white saviors?
  • efe-kurnaz-unsplash Azurit blog
    What inspired you in 2023?
  • ross-findon-change_unsplash_Azurit blog
    Evidence-based, impact-driven… what does it all mean?
  • Kabakoo_market_phone_women
    Beyond the Formal: A New Paradigm for Socioeconomic Prosperity in the Africas
  • DDG_Blog_Games_Policy_web
    Gaming the System: How Games Can Help Policymakers Shape Regulations for Frontier Technologies
  • 2023_lisbon
    Azurit Foundation’s 2022 Review
  • christin-hume-k2Kcwkandwg-unsplash
    Reading Recommendations 2022
  • Taimaka_blog_mother_wall_cropped
    An Implementer’s Guide: Running Low-Cost, High-Quality Studies to Generate Impact
  • Lake
    One year of Azurit Foundation: Recap of our Strategy Development
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